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    “Review: Britney
    Location: Nusa Bestari
    Stable: JBEscortService

    First let’s cover the basics. The location is in a nice clean motel/hotel in Nusa Bestari mid-way between Aeon Mall and Giant. Walkable in about 10 min from the bus drop-off although best with car. Operator is very contactable via Wechat based on my past experience. Responses come within 10 minutes usually.

    Now onto the meat of the experience.

    Britney opened the door in a black lingerie. First impressions: definitely an attractive lady. Not skinny model thin but rather curvy (absolutely not fat!). Actual person is close to her photos although just a bit meatier. Soft spoken but relatively good English for a Thai. We move on to a standard quick shower where I have a closer look at her body.

    Her breasts are quite big but definitely enhanced after some playful squeezes. However, the two sisters are not rock hard but nice to handle as the implants seem quite small for the actual size of her boobs. Definitely lots of natural boobies to play with. I think that’s why the two persons who reviewed her earlier were conflicted on whether they were real or not. A few tattoos here and there but not full back tats like on some girls.

    Onto the main activities on the bed. I’m lazy so I like to lie down and let the ladies do all the work  Britney was very obliging. She obviously knows how to use her best assets and tickled my body with the tip of her nipples. She also trailed kisses all over my body. Her handphone playing some soft thai pop music was a nice touch. Not super loud, just something to contrast against the silence and our breathing.

    She took her time. At one point, she laid down pressing the dear twins against my chest while breathing softly against my ear and fondling my dick. To say that was pleasant would be quite an understatement.

    Her BBBJ was decent. She got the full shaft in her mouth and had decent suction. Licking up down and playing with the balls. Nothing exceptional but not bad either.

    Onto the main course. By this time, my little brother was hard so she capped and mounted me. Its quite a sight to see a big-breasted lady bouncing up and down your pole. By the way, she has fantastic smooth skin and I loved playing my hands up and down her flanks. Great firm butt as well  which I couldn’t resist. Ended up finishing in doggy.

    I don’t drag my Fuck sessions too long so by the time I popped, it was around 25 minutes into the slot. Most girls will rush you to the showers especially as it was a Saturday and I know that’s the busiest day for them, but she told me to take a rest and I settled down to watching TV and chit chatting. She kinda burrowed/snuggled to my side while resting her head against the side of my chest. Wow… this girl really knows how to lay on the GFE.

    Continuation from previous post:

    I found out she’s going to be here for 2 weeks. Shes been quite busy as she has a constant stream of customers. Probably since a couple of good reviews on her already. Kinda likes the thai restaurant right behind the hotel and poor thing was already hungry as the food provided is not so tasty according to her.

    Getting close to time, I washed up, dressed. Britney had thrown on a black kimono like robe and laid a kiss on the cheek as I exited the room. One last press of her boobs against my body and I was out of there, tired, but also refreshed. Would I RTF? Probably but as this stable has a lot of attractive options, who knows. Hope you guys treat her well for the rest of her stay.

    By the way, I’m not affiliated with these guys and will post positive and negative reviews depending on the girl service. Of course, SBF seems quite aggressive in censoring some of the negative posts so there is that. Didn’t use numbers to rate since everyone has different standards and instead wrote a long-winded wall of text so hope you can bear with it and if you feel it was useful, a rep would be much appreciated!”


    • Name  Britney
    • Nationality thailand
    • Age  23
    • Stats 36D


    • Fuck Job BlowJob Shower Gfe 69 Kissing 


    • 45min 220
    • 90min 440
    • Overnite Call Enquiry

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